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Weight Gain Program

Avantii says “I understand the struggle of a person trying to gain weight. Gaining weight might be even more challenging than a person trying to lose weight”.For every person trying to gain weight the journey is different as genetics, environmental conditions, availability of food, stimulating appetite and the right workout plays a very important role. Avantii will understand the exact science behind poor weight gain and work on those factors to give a tailor-made plan.

Program Details


1. We know you better- your lifestyle, medical conditions, body composition, and diet habits by filling a food chart.
Get personalized advice 
2. Get a  customized weight gain diet plan.  If any medical conditions or deficiencies exist Avantii will include a solution for that in the same diet chart.  Together with short-term and long-term goals are discussed. A personalized workout plan will be given to support the weight gain
3. We support you- Weight gain is evaluated every 15 days and the next diet chart will be provided. We also provide 24×7 nutritionist team support. 

4 Steps Process

1. Identify the root cause – lifestyle, genetics, medical conditions, hormone profile, metabolism, or body type. 
2. Understand your current lifestyle – The diet has to fit into your current lifestyle so that it is doable and easy to follow.
3. Heal the gut – 90% of the health problems occur due to an unhealthy gut. Avantii works towards improving gut health in the weight loss healthy diet.
4. Stimulate appetite – Before we really work on gaining weight, it’s very important to work on stimulation of appetite so that nutrient-dense food can be consumed better. 

Exclusive Access

1. A recipe booklet exclusively for the members of the program – this has several recipes of anti-inflammatory foods, weight gain recipes, and easy-to-prepare Indian recipes or one pot meal modern recipes too!
2. Exercise video – easy-to-do home workout videos will be shared during the program. 
3. 24X7 nutritionist support exclusive to our members. 
4. Holiday survival  food guide so that you can enjoy foods and still follow the diet 
5, Restaurant food choices for healthy high-calorie foods

12 weeks onwards

The  30-90 days weight gain plan is a journey where you learn to make the right changes in your lifestyle, improve your gut health, stimulate appetite and help you improve your metabolism.  
We provide handholding and give a maintenance diet plan which can be followed and periodic evaluation is done, Avantii also has weight gain maintenance plans. 

Our Success Stories

Dr Ruchika Kulkarni, Pune

Avantii made simple, doable changes in my diet as I am very busy and cannot eat more times. I started simple yoga workouts which helped me stimulate my appetite and I could gain 6 kgs weight in 3 months

42 Google Reviews


We work towards a sustainable weight gain diet plan along with lifestyle changes that can be easily managed by the client. Usually, a weight gain of 2-3 kgs per month is expected.

We do have programs beyond 90 days too, it will be discussed with the client

During the first consultation, you will be informed about specific reports (if any).

The first consultation meeting usually is about understanding you, your food habits, and your lifestyle. The discussion could be about 45 mins duration.
– Thorough understanding of the individual’s medical history, physical profile through weight, measurements, and body composition analysis.
– Understanding dietary habits through questionnaires regarding daily routine, eating timings, proportions of food consumed.
– Determine likes, dislikes, food preferences, food choices through a food frequency questionnaire.
– Other habits like eating out, drinking, and smoking or addictions.

The medical tests will be done after which the medications will be prescribed if necessary, ayurvedic medications might be suggested if needed

The program is a flexible and customized action plan for each individual. You may seek guidance or review periodically. The Action plan will consist of physical and dietary routines.
– Daily diet chart
– Daily exercise Chart
– Weekly Exercise Video/s
– Weekly Recipe book/s
– Daily review sheet
– Tips and Tricks assortment

The 12 weeks Program is designed by Avantii, is a turnkey program spread across 90 days, you will need to Invest Rs. eighteen Thousand only (Rs. 18,000/-) on the program. This investment covers consultation, follow-up, review of your participation in the program.
Payment Terms will be decided when you place the first call of intent to participate in the program

Avantii will provide a weight gain maintenance diet plan after the program is over so that the weight gained is maintained.

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