Elevate your athletic journey with our personalized

Sports Specific Nutrition Program

Designed to optimize your performance, enhance endurance, and unlock your peak potential. Fuel your success with expert guidance and tailored plans by Avanti Deshpande.

Program Details


1. Comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle, body composition, and dietary habits

2. Customized diet plans tailored to your specific sport and goals

3. Collaborative periodization planning for enhanced agility, endurance, and strength

4. Ongoing evaluation and adjustments every 15 days for consistent progress

4 Step Method

Discover the power of our 4-step method, carefully crafted to lead you towards peak performance:

Step 1: Personalized Assessment: We delve into your unique requirements, considering lifestyle, body composition, and dietary habits.

Step 2: Tailored Sports-Specific Plans: Receive a customized diet plan aligned with your specific sport, optimizing your nutrition for success.

Step 3: Periodization for Success: Collaborate closely with us to create a periodized plan that maximizes agility, endurance, and strength.

Step 4: Ongoing Evaluation and Support: Your diet plan undergoes regular evaluation and adjustments every 15 days, ensuring consistent progress.

Exclusive Access

Join our program and gain exclusive access to:

1. Personalized diet plans for various sports

2. Expert advice on WADA-approved supplements

3. Specialized meal plans for high altitude challenges

4. 24×7 nutritionist support for all your queries and concerns

90 Days Onwards

Our Sports Specific Nutrition Program continues to support you beyond the initial 90 days:

1. Refine and fine-tune your nutrition for sustained excellence

2. Receive continuous guidance on optimizing your athletic performance

3. Stay connected with our dedicated team for ongoing support and adjustments

Success Stories

Anvee Sontaake, Pune

When I first decided to go to a dietician I was just going because my dad asked me to go but later when I met Avanti ma’am , I realised that she’s actually one helluva dietician.
She put me on a fat loss and muscle gain diet and ever since then…

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