Avantii Deshpande : Dietician & Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Author & Speaker

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Achieving your optimum health goal is a journey which requires a right catalyst, personified as your nutritionist, to keep you moving and reminding you of your objective step by step. This is progressive and has its own pace and hence requires a lot of perseverance & effort.

I keep faith that ‘together we can make it happen’ !

Avanti Deshpande

Avanti Deshpande

Dietician & Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Author & Speaker

Avanti Deshpande, Post Graduate in Food Science & Nutrition, from SNDT Mumbai, and a certified nutrigenomic counselor by Genesupport.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, now Avanti setup her own consultancy services in Diet and Nutrition counselling in Pune and provides extensive range of services in nutrition, corporate wellness, marketing communications, recipe and menu analysis and product development.

Currently she has a comprehensive portfolio of clients from varied business verticals, the food and pharmaceutical industry, education, catering & retail sector, gym & fitness centers, the corporate world & other social & NGO groups. With the recent qualification as nutrigenomic counselor, she has equipped herself to assist and guide people sick of diabetics, obesity, Gluten/lactose intolerance or Osestrogen.

  • Avanti has versatile experience in the field of food technology and nutrition since the past 10 years.
  • She has worked in various departments of food industries from floor supervisor to R&D officer to Lab manager.
  • She has a thorough knowledge of food, its components and its behavior and nutrition values.
  • She had been General Manager in a health food café where she designed nutritious dishes, menu card and managed the restaurant.
  • She has successfully developed many nutritious take away dry snacks.
  • Having completed her NET, Avanti has worked as a faculty member in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition of the Graduate college in SNDT, Symbiosis Center for Health Sciences, Pune University and Suryadutta Catering College.
  • She has active contributions in various articles related to food science and nutrition in magazines and newspapers.

Avanti Deshpande

Nutrition Expert

I have helped several individuals and corporate employees, create a body they love by ditching fads, diets and learning how to get back to 'nutrition basics'. I understand how hard it can be to lose weight and keep it off.

Product Reviews

I regularly look at products in the market. I work with select food companies/ restaurants/ businesses in development, marketing, labeling, health claims and promoting good food/health products. Interested?

Keynote Speaker

When did healthy eating become so complicated? With information overload, eating the right food is a tough decision. I can help guide, elaborate, quiz, demonstrate, speak, work with small and large groups to rejuvenate or inspire the ‘Don’t Quit’ attitude.

Social Responsibility

As a nutritional coach, I visit schools, old age homes, hospitals and other NGO’s to promote and demonstrate how simple diets can be optimized for nutrition and add value to life and living.

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