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Smart Pregnancy

Having a healthy baby is every parent’s dream! Did you know that the health of not just the mother but the father is equally responsible for the best outcome? So Avantii works with parents’ preconception, with pregnant women for a healthy baby, and with lactating mothers for nurturing the newborn and of course getting back into shape post-pregnancy. It’s a journey of beyond 9 months and Avantii is with you guiding at every step!

Program details


We know you better 
1.  We understand your lifestyle, medical conditions, body composition, and diet habits by filling out a food chart.
2. Get personalized advice 
Avantii will give a customized preconception /pregnancy diet plan.  If any medical conditions or deficiencies exist Avantii will include a solution for that in the same diet chart.  Together short-term and long-term goals are discussed. 
3.    A personalized workout plan will be given to support the pregnancy.
4.     We support you
We also provide 24×7 nutritionist team support. 

Our Success Stories

Sonali Nandanwar, Pune

I started the consultation with Avantii preconception and continued to take the diet throughout the pregnancy. I lost 8 kgs before conception and had a healthy pregnancy

Dr Ruchika Kulkarni, Pune

Avantii made simple, doable changes in my diet as I am very busy and cannot eat more times. I started simple yoga workouts which helped me stimulate my appetite and I could gain 6 kgs weight in 3 months

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Yes, the health of husband and wife is important for the best pregnancy outcome.

We start the program preconception so that all the health conditions like obesity, PCOS, fibroids diabetes, or any such will be managed well.

Yes, we work with the pregnant woman for the same reason to avoid any complication or then manage it if it occurs.

Almost immediately! If you start following a healthy diet plan, workout as suggested, exclusive breastfeeding you will get in shape soon and also have good nourishment.

No, in fact, we will work on helping you will increase breast milk and also suggest diet and workouts only to ensure your milk production is high and less of lactic acid generation

You should at least start 3 months before the conception.

The first consultation meeting usually is about understanding you, your food habits and your lifestyle. The discussion could be about 45 mins duration.
– Thorough understanding of the individual’s medical history, physical profile through weight, measurements, and body composition analysis.
– Understanding dietary habits through questionnaires regarding daily routine, eating timings, proportions of food consumed.
– Determine likes, dislikes, food preferences, food choices through food frequency questionnaire.
– Other habits like eating out, drinking, and smoking or addictions.
The first consultation concludes with a “Draft” Plan of action. And (possibly) a set of medical tests to be taken.

During the first consultation, you will be informed about specific reports (if any).

The program is a flexible and customized action plan for each individual. You may seek guidance or review periodically. The Action plan will consist of physical and dietary routines.
– Daily diet chart
– Daily exercise Chart
– Weekly Exercise Video/s
– Weekly Recipe book/s
– Daily review sheet
– Tips and Tricks assortment

We give workout suggestions based on your liking. We have a bank of youtube videos, written workouts that will be shared with you. Apart from this we also have a network of trainers (online and offline) and contact numbers will be shared.

The SMART PREGNANCY Program is designed by Avantii, is a turnkey program spread across 12 months. You will need to Invest
Preconception Rs. 6000/- (couple)
9 months of pregnancy – Rs 9000/-
Lactation and weight loss – 180 days rs 18000/-
Payment Terms will be decided when you place the first call of intent to participate in the program 

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