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Client testimonial -malini ghosh former teacher, activist 12 kgs of weight loss in 4 months

Hello . Here I am happy to share the success story of my client Malini Ghosh .

She is former teacher with the IB school and now works as an activist for rescue of dogs.

Medical history –  Malini suffered from several chornic metabolic issues. one of the predominant was hypothyroidism. Malini was on medications for hypothyroidism and blood pressure.

Diet pattern –
Malini had an erratic eating pattern as she was had to manage taking care of the dogs and has to be on her toes constantly. She would end up snacking unhealthy at 4 pm and also was not taking the right amounts of protein, fiber and water in the diet.

The strategy –
The diet was made in order to considering her clinical condition of hypothyroidism, blood pressure & weight loss too. The balanced diet was made which has low fats, moderate carbohydrates & moderate high proteins. Small and frequent meals with focus on good quality proteins and fiber rich diet.
Exercise support –
Walking is the only form of exercise in her case.

The result –
Weight loss 12 kgs in 4 months
Fat percentage 7% reduction from 37% to 29%
No significant decrease in muscle mass
Increase in body water by 5% (positive result)
Physique rating from obese to fit
Visceral fat decrease by 2%

By the end of the program she was fit healthy & more importantly happy. Check what she feels about this journey by clicking on this link


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