Learn the art to eat smart!!

Keep it light and healthy this Diwali

Diwali is synonymous with extra calories. But there are a few tricks you can use up to avoid having extra calories and also pampering your taste buds. You just need to be a smart eater by choosing right food and with right quantity.

Here are some tips and tricks which you can follow this season-

  • Know your food. You should teach yourself not to pick up the food which has the highest amounts of calories or fats or sugar.
  • One dessert a day. Have any kind of a sweet preparation in a day, just you’ll have to do is have it only once in a day.
  • Portion control. Having one dessert doesn’t mean you can have it unlimited quantities. You can have all kinds of ‘diwali special’ snacks but don’t overeat them.
  • Don’t have these foods along with the meals, have it as snacks so you eat less.
  • Focus on your health goal not on food. You’ll automatically eat less and healthy.
  • Don’t gift food/sweets to friends or family, instead go for another non-food items
  • Don’t forget to eat lots of salads, soups and liquids in a day to flush off the extra fats and toxins from the body.
  • Drink freshly prepared vegetable-fruit juices to detoxify the body.

You can use healthy alternatives for Diwali snack items and make them healthy yet tasty.

Here are some tricks for it-

  • Use skimmed milk instead of full cream milk and avoid using cream in any preparation.
  • Use dates, jaggery or honey instead of white sugar.
  • Instead of making besan, rawa or motichoor laddus, you can make oats-dry fruits laddu with seasame and flaxseeds added to it.
  • Add ragi, rajgira flour to the chakli mix.
  • Use ragi/jowar/barley/wheat puffs instead of just rice flakes for making a chiwda.
  • Use whole wheat sevai, whole wheat flour instead of maida. They will provide you some fiber.
  • Use pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds in the snacks rather than using cashews or peanuts. They will add up the nutrient quotient.
  • Keep drinking lots of water in a day to avoid bloating, acidity. Best way is to drink water before having food.


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