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Healthy oats & dry fruits laddu

One of the major crisis situation for a mother is ‘what to make for tomorrow’s tiffin?’ there must not be a single mother who has not faced this situation!

In India, almost every person going out say for a job/college/school carries tiffin. So giving healthy and sound nutritious food in the tiffin is very important. Food should be easy to eat, should not be messy, should have good amount of nutrients like calories, proteins, vitamins to boost up the energy for rest of the day.

It is very important for kids to have healthy and nutritious meals during their school hours.They need food to maintain their energy, concentration power which can only be provided from tiffins. Mothers face this thought ‘what new to make every day?’ every night. So giving leftover sabzi-rotis or a particular dish every now and then may not work.  When kids are back home, mothers often end up opening the tiffins with poor food laying untouched as it was at the time of packing.

So here is a quick & easy to make recipe which is delicious as well as healthy –

Oats are rich in fiber & good source of complex carbohydrates. We are using dry fruits like almonds & walnuts which are rich in proteins,omega 3 fatty acids , vitamin E as well as in many minerals. Dates are natural form sugar  so you don’t want to add any kind of extra sugar. Pistachios are good source of antioxidants & have good gut health properties.  Ghee is considered to be as healthy & good fats, which are essential for children’s growth & nourishment. So overall this recipe is nutrient pack …


(makes 3-4 laddus)


1/4 cup rolled Oats

16 pitted good quality Arab Dates

12-15 Almonds

8-10 Walnuts

2 tbsp Pistachios

1-2 tbsp Ghee


  • Dry roast oats for 2-3 mins and coarsely powder them and keep it aside.
  • Warm almonds,pistachios and walnuts separately one by one and pulse them separately to get tiny bits.Do this in whipper mode and also do this process separately. Remove and keep it aside.
  • Chop dates finely and run this in mixer for a minute or two.
  • Now in a wide bowl add the ground dates mixture, powdered oats, and almonds-pistachios-walnuts mixture.
  • Mix them well and check for the sweetness of the mixture. If you feel that the sweet is less you can either add more ground dates or figs mixture or you can add a couple of tbsp of sugar powder to the mixture. Mine were perfect for me, this step is left to your choice and also depends on the sweetness you need.
  • Make small amla sized ladoos. If you cannot roll them into ladoos then add 1-2 tsp of hot ghee to the mixture and try making again.

Store them in an air tight container. Stays good for long.

Per laddu-

89 kcal3.7 g11.2 g3g

Enjoy this wonderful , colorful, power pact nutrient recipe ….

Check out this recipe on my you tube channel –


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