Learn the art to eat smart!!

Fit for fashion

Remember those days when we all went crazy over the size 0 avtaar of our actresses? Well gone are those days!

Fit is the new sexy! Super skinny models are no longer considered to be glamorous. Even Giorgio Armani had admitted that `skinny is glam’ is nothing but a `fashionable myth’. You’ll now see healthy and fit models sashaying down the ramp. The fixation to be ‘ thin as a stick’ is gone. People have started realizing that being fit is much better than being a size 0. A few years ago Madrid banned anorexic models from walking the ramp, Israel also banned models who don’t maintain a minimum Body Mass Index(BMI) of 18.5% and most recently the French Government passed a new law intended to ban excessively thin models from working in France. What’s more? Even designer Victoria Beckham has been attacked on Twitter for using “too skinny” models at her New York Fashion Week show.

Models now need to be healthy, fit and have a great body. Choreographer and designer Karun Raman says that he prefers his models having some flesh.

But being fit isn’t all that easy. Between early morning shoots, afternoon ad campaigns, evening ramp walks, midnight fittings, makeup, hair, late night parties and socializing is there any room left for food in the crazy schedule of a model’s life? YES! There is!

But with so much on my plate already how will I follow a diet? What to eat when you’re hours away from your ramp walk? What food can be carried to my shoot? How much and what should I be eating? Am I eating too less? Am I eating too much?

ALL YOUR QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED! With a little help and guidance you will get the fit body you’ve always desired. Come join us on Sunday. 15th May at the Royal Green Café, Koregaon Park, Pune as we unlock all the secrets about being a fit model!


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