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Role of Millets in treating PCOS

Role of Millets in Treating PCOS

With UNGA(United Nations General Assembly) announcing 2023 as the ‘International Year Of Millets’ collaborating with the Government of India, millets have again risen as a superfood clearly emphasizing its potential nutritious advantages against various health disorders. Dating back to its original roots in the medieval age, millets were prevalent as a staple food for the then humans due to their not-so-complex harvesting and fewer water requirements. Due to their incredible and innumerable health benefits, millets have gained much more importance in the last few years in the treatment of various ailments like PCOS. Due to the western urbanization of rice and wheat in India for decades, people are less likely diverted to the ancient and nutritional values which millets provide to the economy and health of the community.

Role of millets in treating PCOS
Understanding their health benefits, millets have proven to be effective in treating PCOS symptoms to a good extent. Below are some of the necessary dietary changes that can be followed for managing PCOS easily:

  1. Instead of simple carbs, include complex carbs which maintain the blood sugar levels.
  2. Replace the saturated and trans-fats with good and healthy fats that lower the LDL(bad) cholesterol and increases the HDL(good) cholesterol. They also enhance the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D, A, K, and E. They also boost heart health.
  3. High-quality protein and low-fat dairy products to build muscle strength and immunity.

Considering the rich nutritional profile of millets, they have been known to control blood sugar levels and support the digestive system. Millets possess a lower glycemic index than other cereals like wheat, rice, etc. Intake of lower glycemic index foods reduces the rapid rise in blood sugar levels. As PCOS is characterized by an increase in insulin resistance, millets help against insulin resistance, thus improving the sensitivity of cells for glucose uptake. Finger millet(ragi/nachni), pearl millet(bajra), sorghum(jowar), Kodo millet, and foxtail millet are some of the millets you can include in balancing the macro and micronutrients.

Role of Millets in treating PCOS

Now, let’s get into why millets are a better choice than whole grains or cereals for PCOS treatment:

Apart from the role of millets in PCOS management, the incorporation of millets helps in the body’s overall well-being such as:

Considering these several nourishing and effective health benefits, millets are a great addition to the diet for those considering managing PCOS symptoms. Therefore, next time you crave refined and processed foods, don’t forget to include millets as a healthy replacement to fulfill your nutritional needs and of course as a PCOS-friendly food choice.


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