Learn the art to eat smart!!

10 ways to get you trek ready!

“Fear lies only in the Mind’ If we Think we Can Do it, we can Definitely do it, there are No Physical Limitations.

 Ever since my admission to the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) for the Basic Mountaineering Course (BMS), I took Physical Fitness seriously. Physical Fitness for me was only exercising until  my mother persuaded me to consult Avanti Deshpande for proper Nutrition.

 Trekking was my regular routine, with my stamina more or less Constant. I used to start panting within a short distance while trekking. It was only due to proper diet and workout, I could Build up my Stamina and lose weight simultaneously. Initially, I used to lag behind during treks. Now, even with a 15kg rucksack, I manage to be ahead of all without load. It was amidst the mountains of Manali I regained my confidence. Doing all the Adventurous activities with ease, I realised how far I have come and still a long way ahead.”

                                                                                               – Aditi Jadhav

                                                                                               Avid Mountaineer

The same old gym routine can get very monotonous and boring after a while. With summer here you can now ditch the gym for some outdoor activities, which will be a pleasant change and also help you get that summer bod you’ve been sweating it out for. Who doesn’t love a fun trek? Trekking is an adrenaline pumping and exhilarating experience that’s going to get your heart racing and fat crying!

Trekking is one outdoor activity all age groups enjoy doing. An early morning trek with your family or friends can refresh your mind and body and whilst you were busy having fun conquering that mountain your body has burned enough calories to get you a step closer to your fitness goal.

And there are those who go for much exciting and challenging treks like treks to Leh and Manali. These are neither easy nor short treks. The sheer nature makes it an intense activity. If you indulge in these activities, either by yourself or with your family, you have faced the dilemma of travel tiffins that you did not know enough about. Needless to say, these are more important to the seasoned mountaineers than anyone else and so I am sure you will find the information that will continue to be useful.

But treks can be very exhausting. You need to prepare your mind and body well before you set out for a trek. A proper diet and training is must if you’re considering taking up trekking.

I’m often asked what is the right food stuff to carry to a trek . When it comes to gymming, we all know the food do’s and don’ts’s pre and post-workout but we are pretty clueless as to what foodstuff to carry.

You need to carry foodstuff that is handy to keep in your backpack, isn’t very messy and will give you enough energy to get to the mountain peak that’s challenging you. So here’s what your trek backer should contain:

  • We love dried fruits and nuts and some chocolates of course so carry some trail mix with you in a small zip pouch.
  • Low fat biscuits like Marie or Cream Crackers are also a good option.
  • PEANUT BUTTER! Peanut Butter is a super yummy powerfood. Carry some creamy peanut butter, which can spread easily on bread or your biscuits.
  • Treks can bring down the glucose levels in your body and leave you weak. Carrying Electrolyte and/or Glucose sachets is a smart option. You can also carry the ready to drink Electrolyte tetra packs.
  • Any whole fruits like Apples make a good food option while trekking. Alternately you can also carry dried fresh fruits.
  • Candies like Amla candies or Glucose candies.
  • You can also carry small tetra packets of milk to give you the required boost of energy.
  • Flavoured or Plain Yogurt is another thing handy to carry and will replenish you after your trek.
  • You can also carry small packets of any ready to eat breakfast cereal of your choice.
  • Other ready to eat food items like Upma or Poha mix also is a good option. You’re eating something you like and getting your energy back!

I hope this helps you pack your backpack next time you go for a trek. Feel free to comment on this blog for any queries and feedback. Happy Trekking!