Learn the art to eat smart!!

Tips for enjoying Diwali food

Diwali is a season of feasting and dieting is a paradox. It would definitely be torturous to control eating and follow a diet. However a few tips can help you enjoy the festival along with keeping weight gain at bay –


Moderation is the key to success.

You could definitely indulge in sweets and fried foods; just remember to let it be a small piece (1 piece)  or limited portion size (1 bowl), once a day. Always eat these foods as individual items and not along with meals so the calories are well distributed throughout the day.


Still try to follow the pattern of small and frequent meals.

Do not over-eat at any particular meal. This over-stimulates your system and increases fat storage. Also focus on foods like milk products, dals, nuts and oilseeds in the meals for better ratio of carbs and proteins.


One good solution is the selection of low sugar, low fat options available in the market. But moderation in the consumption of the same is equally essential.


Dry fruits are healthy replacements to sweets, especially almonds and walnuts.


It is important to remember to limit the indulgence into festive foods only during the real festive season and do not let it linger post Diwali.


Consume enough of water throughout the day – at least 8-10 glasses.

If you adhere to these tips, you will find that you can enjoy your Diwali sweets and farsan and not have the guilt of overeating!

If you have questions or concerns, leave them in the comments section.


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