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Diet during the winter season

In the winter season , we should consume foods which help to increase the warmth in the body. Nothing is more satisfying than sipping on hot beverages and healthy bowls of steaming hot soups. Winter is the time when you may want to turn more often to baking and roasting in oven-based recipes.

Not only are these things necessary during winter but also foods which are warm in nature. These foods include the root vegetables like Carrots, white radish, onion and garlic.

The body needs more calories are needed to keep warm during the season. This can be provided by consuming starchy roots like potatoes and yam. Energy dense whole grains especially bajra and makai (corn), energy and protein dense whole legumes and nuts and oilseeds epeciallytil help to increase the warmth.

It is best to consume the fruits and vegetables which are seasonal as they are loaded with nutrients .for example oranges , sweet lime and amla are available during the season are rich in Vit C which helps to build immunity. That is reason why a lot of amla products like murabba, amla juice chawanprash are consumed during winters. Leafy vegetables like methi, palak, sarson  are rich in Vit A and Vit C are good antioxidants.

The consumption of spices like mustard, asafeotida , black pepper, ajwainetc should be increased as they to increase the body warmth.

Alongwith this it is necessary to consume enough of water about 8-10 glasses/ day to remain hydrated during the season as winters cause skin dryness. 


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