Corporate Services

Avantii believes that ‘Happy and healthy people make for efficient and effective workplaces’. To help busy business houses establish profitable organisations, she works collaboratively with the HR team of various conglomerates, NGO and institutions to nurture and nourish the workforce. This she attains through varied mechanisms. Avantii creates holistic Annual Nutrition Program for organisations in collaboration with their HR teams


Annual Health & Wellness Program

Creation of all-round health and wellness policy document
Designing diet intervention programs and special transformation programs for key corporate personnel 
A quarterly MIS of corporate HR and wellness was created which gives a Wellness Quotient of the company for the Board to evaluate the ROI. 
Healthy communications consulting (for corporate display board/ blog/in-house magazine)

Employee and Leadership

Avantii’s talks are known to be vibrant and impart authentic knowledge through 
How what you eat impacts your productivity 
Myth-busting of various health claims made about market products 
Reading nutrition labels
Quick fix lunch box menu for working men and women 
Health communications consulting (corporate display board/blog/in-house magazine) 
Or other trending topics which the management feels are necessary 

Leadership and Employee program

A vibrant organizational culture is driven by a ‘Top Down’ approach. Unlike in the past, more and more businesses today are realizing that Health and Wellness have to be an integral part of the organizational culture and policy for running not just long sustainable business but to attain a profitable billion-dollar ranking. 

Avantii directly works with the organizational leaders and top management to ensure that fitness begins at the ‘Top Level’ and easily percolates down the entire organization 
Her transformation and intervention program go that extra mile to ensure fantastic results. 

Cafeteria and Canteen

We provide the following services of your choice
Assessment of the existing menu to understand the nutrition quotient
Make suggestions in the existing menu to have a balanced and varied diet
Design an entirely new set of menus with recipes
Educate the canteen staff about portioning, hygiene, and sanitation for better retention of nutrition 



Ganesh Bidkar – PMC, Pune, Pune

I just did not see a weight loss, I also take 8 units of lesser insulin every day. I recommend her services 100%

Siddharth Rajurkar,

Architect and designer by profession, who loves to play tennis. He was suffering from acid influx for nearly one year. Had tried all possible medicines to cure it, but nothing worked.
More than focusing on his weight­loss, we first focused on …

Manish Grampurohit,

Taking consultation from Lifestyle Nutritionist, Dietician & Nutrigenomic Counsellor Avanti Deshpande was one of the wisest decisions. Avanti met me when I was 10 kg overweight, had severe acidity, bloating, high cholesterol, high blood pressu…

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