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Weight Loss Program

“Nutrition is a lifestyle change rather than a diet fad” believes Avantii Deshpaande, a qualified nutritionist with a master’s degree and over 20+ years of experience. “It’s important to understand the root cause of the weight gain i.e. lifestyle, hormone imbalance, medical background, genetics, body type, etc to give a diet which is working towards these lifestyle changes rather than treating the symptoms,” says Avantii who has consulted over 10,000+ clients. Join the program to know yourself better and make weight loss success!

Program Details


1. We know you better 
 We understand your lifestyle, medical conditions, body composition, and diet habits by filling a food chart.
Get personalized advice 
2. Get a customized weight loss healthy diet plan.  If any medical conditions or deficiencies exist Avantii will include a solution for that in the same diet chart.  Together short-term and long-term goals are discussed. 
3. A personalized workout plan
4. We support you
Avantii will support your Weight loss healthy diet plan and it is evaluated every 15 days and the next diet chart will be provided. We also provide 24×7 nutritionist team support. 

4 steps process

1. Identify the root cause – lifestyle, genetics, inflammation,  medical condition, hormone profile, metabolism, or body type. 
2. Understand your current lifestyle – The diet has to fit into your current lifestyle so that it is doable and easy to follow.
3. Heal the gut – 90% of the health problems occur due to an unhealthy gut. Avantii works towards improving gut health in the weight loss healthy diet.
4. Detox the body – gaining weight could be due to the accumulation of the toxins in the body. Avantii works towards suggesting foods that will help you remove these toxins along with weight loss. 

Exclusive Access

Avantii will provide all the support needed for following the weight loss healthy diet plan 
1. A recipe booklet exclusively for the members of the program – this has several recipes of anti-inflammatory foods,  weight loss recipes, and easy-to-prepare Indian recipes or one-pot meal modern recipes too!
2. Exercise video – easy-to-do home workout videos will be shared during the program. 
3. Avantii’s team provides 24X7 nutritionist support exclusive to our members. 
4. Holiday survival guide low calorie and healthy food so that you can enjoy foods and still follow the diet 
5. Restaurant food choices for healthy low-calorie foods choices
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90 days onwards

The  90 days weight loss plan is a journey where you learn to make the right changes in your lifestyle, improve your gut health, reduce inflammation, and better sugar control. 

Once you see the positive results we continue to handhold you after the program is finished by giving the maintenance diabetes diet chart and taking periodic followup to see you are able to keep up the new changed version of yourself!

Success Stories

Mangal Dedage, Pune

The client saw changes in the postprandial sugar levels from 166 mg/dl before the program and 75mg/dl after the program

Bhopali Deshpande, SYDNEY

I had started with a diet plan to treat hypothyroidism and lost about 8 kgs. After this, I conceived and continued the pregnancy diet plan for a healthy baby

Madhura Mane, PUNE

I was detected with slightly high levels of TSH and wanted to reverse the condition with the help of lifestyle change rather than medication. After following the diet which was suiting my lifestyle I could manage the condition with a diet and exer…

Rupa Pandharpur,

Ganesh Bidkar – PMC, Pune, Pune

I just did not see a weight loss, I also take 8 units of lesser insulin every day. I recommend her services 100%

Afzal Ansari, Pune

I joined the program because I had odd working hours, and I like to eat nonveg in the diet. I had been suggested medication but I decided to try out the program before I start taking the medication. Avantii mam changed the diet to suit my lifestyl…

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We work towards sustainable weight loss along with lifestyle changes that can be easily managed by the client. Usually, a weight loss of 6-8 kgs is a healthy weight loss. if you start with a higher weight you will definitely lose more weight 

We have 30 days, 60 program too which will focus on losing lesser weight and the charges are accordingly lesser. 

We work towards sustainable weight loss along with lifestyle changes so we will continue the program beyond 90 days and we also have 120 days, 240 days program, or even a 365 days program based on your requirement.

Yes, 100%, the body composition is measured after every 15 days interval and we work only towards losing fat and improving the muscles and body water. 

We provide handholding and give a maintenance diet plan which can be followed and periodic evaluation is done, Avantii also has weight loss maintenance plans. 

The first consultation meeting usually is about understanding you, your food habits, and your lifestyle. The discussion could be about 45 mins duration.
– Thorough understanding of the individual’s medical history, physical profile through weight, measurements, and body composition analysis.
– Understanding dietary habits through questionnaires regarding daily routine, eating timings, proportions of food consumed.
– Determine likes, dislikes, food preferences, food choices through a food frequency questionnaire.
– Other habits like eating out, drinking, and smoking or addictions.

During the first consultation, you will be informed about specific reports (if any).

The program is a flexible and customized action plan for each individual. You may seek guidance or review periodically. The Action plan will consist of physical and dietary routines.
– Daily diet chart
– Daily exercise Chart
– Weekly Exercise Video/s
– Weekly Recipe book/s
– Daily review sheet
– Tips and Tricks assortment

The 12 weeks Program is designed by Avantii, is a turnkey program spread across 90 days, you will need to Invest Rs. eighteen Thousand only (Rs. 18,000/-) on the program. This investment covers consultation, follow-up, review of your participation in the program.
Payment Terms will be decided when you place the first call of intent to participate in the program

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