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Continuing the journey of healthy eating – German bakery wunderbar

Eating smart is a journey which needs to overcome the hurdle of eating out wrong. These days there are endless choices of restaurants and small cafes to fine dining spaces. But somehow we are not able to make sensible food choices when we want to enjoy our social life but still stick to healthy eating. This needs a small effort on our side to make that journey interesting .

Today we made a visit to German Bakery Wunderbar on Law College road. That place has always been the favourite hangout place. German bakery offers a lot of dishes on the menu which you can have guilt free.

We chose a breakfast time to visit the café. It had amazing healthy dishes on the menu for breakfast which are served throughout the day and that’s the best part! I was with my foodie buddy and we chose a variety for breakfast – cottage cheese akuri on toast and fluffy omelette with spinach and mushrooms. These were complimented with fresh pomegranate juice.


Both the choices were appropriate as healthy breakfast options and along with the pomegranate juice they were a complete meal. The cottage cheese and the fluffy omelette are excellent source of protein and the bread serves as the source of carbs. The pomegranate juice added to a shot of antoxidants. Hence the  whole combination has a superb health score. One suggestion which I would like to give the chef next time is to reduce the oil in the akuri and avoid cheese in the omelette.


‘cottage cheese akuri on toast’ 3.5 /5

‘fluffy omelette with mushroom and spinach  4/5


For breakfast:

Oats with almond milk

Birchers museli

All eggs made to order or any omelette (avoid the cheese though if on a weight loss)

For brunch or lunch or dinner:

Meal in a bowl options

Mixed greens and lettuce and sprouts salad

Spiced chicken and pepper salad

Tomato barley veg broth

Hummus and pita

Cottage cheese jungle/chicken jungle

The burgers could be tried but without the side order of chips and less mayo

Frankly the other dishes need to be tried to make a comment on the health score. You could help me out with that and leave comments below!


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