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Getting back on track post festive season

Festive seasons are meant for having good times with family and friends. Loads of socializing, exchange of sweets, family meals and so much more are happening. It’s very tough to stick to a diet regime. Hope you all enjoyed the tips given by me earlier for Mindful eating during the festivals.

Now is the time to get back on track to continue the journey of feeling and looking healthy and getting ready for New Year’s Eve!

here are some tips that will help to get back on track

Post the festival first thing to get back on track is the clear the pantry, cupboards, and refrigerator with all the Diwali sweets and savories. Once the food is out of sight I am sure it will be out of your mind too. Replace these with your usual snacks and your healthy sweets so that you will automatically choose healthy options.

Since we have indulged into a lot of sweets there are changes that if you get back to routine meals you will crave for sweets. This happens because there is an insulin spike. In order to reduce this spike and tame your sugar cravings follow these simple tricks

  1. start your day with 1 tbsp of virgin coconut oil /ghee. This is known as fat first in the morning. Fat will keep you fuller for a longer time and since it does not spike the insulin it will reduce the sugar cravings as well. Virgin coconut oil has an added advantage of being high in lauric acid which mobilises fat , so it will help you in weight reduction as well.
  2. Protein rich foods- eggs, chicken, fish , dals and sprouts, nuts and oilseeds, soy and milk and milk products are thermogenic and will require more energy to burn. Proteins also will help you to reduce the spike of insulin and keep you fuller for a longer time. Make it point to have a portion of protien in every meal along with carbs and good fats.
  3. fiber rich foods like whole fruits and salads will increase the bulk of the meals and also slow the digestion of foods and improve better absorpion of nutrients. The fiber rich foods will also reduce the sugar cravings and are low in caloires. Make sure that you have 5 serves of fruits and vegetables in the day.
  4. Simple carbs like sugar rich foods, honey and jaggery will increase the blood sugar levels instantly since they do not require time to digest. As compared to this the complex carbs like roti, rice , oats and millets take a longer time to digest and hence thesugar spike is lesser in these foods . This is because of the fiber content as well as the sugar is present in the form of starch.

There is a common myth that you need to follow a detox diet if you indulge in the wrong food choices. It is as if you are suggesting that the sins of enjoying the festival need to be paid off! Please do not indulge in any such detox diets. Getting back to routine is more important. Often due to the sugar spike in the season, it becomes even tougher to follow a detox diet that is low in protein, good fats, and complex carbs. Stop junk foods and any sweets immediately post the festival. This is the best detox possible.

Make sure that you are back to the routine workouts as soon as the season is over. Start with low intensity and get back to regular workouts in a week’s time!

Have at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. By doing this you will be able to boost the metabolism and also wash off all the toxins in the body. Water should preferably be plain without any additives.

Wishing you a happy journey towards your health goals!

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