Learn the art to eat smart!!

Enjoy this Diwali guilt-free: tips to enjoy the delicacies without worrying about weight gain

It’s the festive time of the year again! A time to divulge in food, fun, and family. But with a reduced amount of sleep, almost no exercise, and a galore of tempting delicacies, it can be challenging to stay on track and keep your body in good shape and your health intact.

Diwali is a time to socialize, spend time with family and friends and it’s not right to have restrictions.

Just being a bit mindful will help you enjoy the festivities without having to worry about putting on extra pounds.

Here is a sample diet that can be followed for the festival week guilt-free!

Make it a point to start your day right. A glass of water will boost your metabolism and kickstart your day.

enjoy your tea with the diwali delicacies in the morning

make it a point to have a protein-rich breakfast.A protein in every meal will boost metabolism. Follow this by some nuts or your favourite dry fruits ladoo in the midmorning

Eat the lunch and the dinner by the healthy plate method. Half the plate should have fiber and vegetables, one fourth should be protein portion and one forth should be carbs. Do not forget ghee to lower the glycemic index!

Tea time is again meant for your favorite snacks and cup of chai! Enjoy this moment to the fullest with your family and friends

Keep the salad and the soup portion highest for the dinner time, followed by protein portion and then carbs. it the meals are already heavy you can skip the carbs in the dinner time

stay well hydrated in the day too, This will take care of the acidity, bloating and headaches due to late-night hours of staying awake or over eating at times

Make it a point to be active with at least 20 mins of workout whenever possible, and get back on track with the diet and workouts when the season is over.


Best wishes

Avantii Deshpaande