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Peter donuts review

As I bit into the scrambled eggs, I thought of the number of times I have visited Peter Donuts at Prabhat Road. I constantly travel within Pune because I consult at a few places across the city. As a consequence, I often hold meetings in convenient coffee shops. Peter Donuts is convenient to visit, given its proximity to my consulting at Karve Road as well as Model Colony, making it the usual go-to for a quick meeting. Given how often I visit Peter Donuts, it is clear that the convenient location is not the only reason I choose to go there often.

Usually I visit either in mornings or in afternoons, during which time there are scarce number of people which facilitates holding meetings in relative peace and tranquil. In fact, I find that the cafe space resembles a co-working office! If you have had the misfortune to have a meeting, or even a visit to noisy cafes you already know that it highly discomforting. The ambience is not overpowering, despite being mostly red. The seating is a tad uncomfortable if you chose some chairs, but when Peter Donuts isn’t crowded, it is possible to choose the chair, or in my case, my spot!

The staff is largely accommodating. As you already know, I am a stickler for nutritious diet but generally lenient about where those nutrients are obtained from. As I always highlight in majority of my conversations – it is unnecessary for the diet meal to have been cooked in your kitchen, because it is completely possible to adhere to a healthy diet despite eating out in restaurants, cafes and such. While cooking your meals is beneficial since it is then possible to control the ingredients of the meal, the option of cooking your meal is sadly impartial to those like me who work and travel.

At Peter Donuts, I have had the pleasure of having breakfast often. I prefer the eggs and coffee a certain way and the staff is happy to oblige my request. The food quality is usually good and, more importantly, consistent. Breakfast is not only the largest meal of the day, but it is also the more important one, since it sets the pace for the day. If you get to work with a stomach full of nutrients, you will find that you are energetic throughout the day. If your breakfast consisted of unnecessary things instead of essential nutrients, you will find yourself lethargic from the onset. On breakfast at Peter Donuts, I am not only happy that my requests are taken into concern, but I am also happy because I have access to a healthy breakfast on days that I haven’t had the time to eat before leaving for work.

To note – I have the eggs cooked well, to get the soft texture that is typical to well-made egg whites omelette. I don’t care for the chips that the eggs are sometimes served with, since I do not eat them. The star of any dish is the Protein and when my omelette is made well, I am happy with the lack of salad to go with my egg whites omelette. My go-to order for coffee is always the iced frappe with no sugar, no cream. I don’t fuss over the milk, since milk contains good fats which are essential to the well-being of our bodies. The large caffeine dose refreshes me while I work out the matters of the business. I prefer my coffee iced to beat the rampant heat. The cutlery as well as the cafe itself is maintained well, which is always a point worth mentioning, given the importance of basic hygiene.

With regards to the rest of the menu besides the breakfast options, I see that they offer healthy food like steaks. They also serve spaghetti, soups and such, which means that they have options for every type of a healthy eater.

With this thought, I finish my scrambled eggs and proceed to have the rest of my coffee, in satisfaction.