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My time at Effingut Brewworkz, Baner

After bidding farewell to our beloved Bappa, my kids weren’t ready to let go of holiday season just yet. After being such angels throughout all Ganesh Chaturthi pujas I thought they deserved a nice break. Festivals are not a holiday for me, I was juggling between work and all the guests coming over at home and all the pujas, so I thought it would be a pleasant change for me too.

I had a lot of catching up to do with my friend Kajal and I thought a good lunch would be the perfect way to catch up. Good food and great company is the recipe for a day well spent, isn’t it? I have been wanting to visit the new Effingut Breworkz at Baner for a while now and my kids seemed pretty excited about it too, so we finally decided to head over to Effingut on a relaxed sunday afternoon.

Good ambience is very important for any restaurant. I love the wooden interiors at Effingut, their decor feels very cozy yet classy at the same time. Who doesn’t hate cramped spaces? Effingut Breworkz gets it, it has ample amount of space and a lot of seating arrangements. Next comes the staff and service. A big thumbs up to the staff at Effingut. They are extremely efficient, diligent and courteous.

Now lets talk about the food. They have a huge menu with a lot of varieties of cuisines right from Indian to Italian. The menu is very interesting and they have got something for everybody! Everything on the menu was very tempting, and whilst one cheat meal is okay, I did not want to stray too much from healthy eating. For my  appetiser I ordered Paneer Chilly and my main course was Burmese Khow Suey. To go along with my lunch I also ordered a glass of Salted Lemon Water which was very refreshing. My kids were in the mood for some pasta, so they had the Mac and Cheese and BBQ Chicken Wings. The food not only looked good, but it tasted really delicious too! Overall I highly recommend Effingut Breworks to you all.

A well fed person is a happy person. We were all smiles after the relaxing lunch that we had. It was a lot of fun getting to meet my friend after long and getting to spend quality time with my kids, who need to know I’m always there whenever they need me!

Thank You Effingut for the brilliant experience.

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