Food Consultant

As a food scientist with over 20 years of experience behind her, Avanti imparts her knowledge and expertise through every channel where Food influences people’s health & lifestyle. One such very popular channel for current generation is Hotels, Restaurants and Food Products/Brands. Through Avanti’s immense presence on various social media platforms she informs and educates the masses on selecting right Food brands.

Product/Recipe Development

Avanti consults, analyses the nutrition quotient of ingredients, and makes recommendations during the Product development stage for food companies manufacturing nutraceuticals or health products.
1)     R & D Stage Consultation
2)     Determination of nutrition value for shelf-life studies
3)     Nutrition Labeling Complete Nutrition Information
4)     Content writing for website & other modes of communication like social media or print media


Avantii has her presence on All social Media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.
1)     Product Promotion and Interaction with end-users, media & consumers
2)     Product shout-outs and endorsements
3)     Media representation of the product
4)     Promotions of products on various social media platforms

Content creation

1) Blog Writing
2) Video Content Creation for Youtube and Instagram
3) Promotions on Social Media Platforms – Instagram, Youtube, Facebook



Ganesh Bidkar – PMC, Pune, Pune

I just did not see a weight loss, I also take 8 units of lesser insulin every day. I recommend her services 100%

Siddharth Rajurkar,

Architect and designer by profession, who loves to play tennis. He was suffering from acid influx for nearly one year. Had tried all possible medicines to cure it, but nothing worked.
More than focusing on his weight­loss, we first focused on …

Manish Grampurohit,

Taking consultation from Lifestyle Nutritionist, Dietician & Nutrigenomic Counsellor Avanti Deshpande was one of the wisest decisions. Avanti met me when I was 10 kg overweight, had severe acidity, bloating, high cholesterol, high blood pressu…

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