Learn the art to eat smart!!

10 Best healthy summer food for travel

Summers are here, and so are the travel plans. Vacations are fun and so should the food choices in the summer season.

For the whole year, we stick to a strict diet plan and eat mindfully, but on vacations, not following a regimental diet but eating mindfully, choosing the right travel snacks, and eating healthy summer foods could help you reach your desired goals even while enjoying your holidays. If you are feeling dehydrated, watery and juicy fruits like watermelon and berries power up your body’s water content, and citrus fruits like lemon and orange add to the vitamin C content in the body.

Here are the top 10 ideas to eat smart and enjoy your vacations:-

  1. Go local – Travelling is overwhelming until you make the right and healthy choices of local food. A healthy plate can be constructed with sufficient nutrients such as paratha with chutney or curd, dal, and rice, and a local vegetable sabzi with roti and modified according to the environment.
  2. Hydrate yourself – Fruit juices and even coconut water sufficiently rehydrates your body with all the electrolytes and vitamins.
  3. Eat your breakfast like a king – As it is universally accepted, breakfast constitutes the most important meal of the day so make sure you consume the maximum calories to utilize the energy to enjoy your vacations for the rest of the day. Fruit juices can be carried keeping in mind the sugar content of the same.
  4. best travel snacks – Sandwiches, nutrition bars, banana chips, popcorn, makhana, etc, and a few other healthy travel snacks could be kept handy to avoid hunger pangs on the journey.
  5. Don’t keep large gaps in between meals- It is recommended to eat small portions in the form of snacks to maintain the energy levels and not bring them drastically down.
  6. Eat mindfully – Eating heavy calorie-dense foods is recommended till 7 p.m.
  7. A light dinner – As stated above, the dinner must not be too heavy as the last meal doesn’t necessarily demand any high-calorie needs.
  8. Water and water – Starting the day with alkaline water like amla juice /lime juice helps to avoid acidity and uneasiness.
  9. Don’t miss your daily workout – In the awe of vacations, we tend to skip workouts and that’s when we go the wrong way. Therefore, a light intensity workout is what you need to keep you in shape. Also, don’t forget to carry a comfortable pair of shoes as vacations accompany burning calories for walking.
  10. Relax – If you are on a vacation, relaxing and not stressing should be your priority.

You can also carry some water-rich fruits like orange, apple, and peach to increase the fiber content. Gulkand is an easy and healthy go-to alternative and the best travel snack whenever you feel lethargic and tired. Sprouts salad or multi-vegetable salad also provides you with the fiber and calories with a garnish of mint and lemon juice to lighten up your mood and enjoy the vacation.

Summer travel foods have to be light as well as should give a feeling of fullness. Traveling is fun unless you carry the right foods to be consumed during your journey. Make sure you eat the right and a healthy amount of foods that you can easily digest and metabolize according to your body and seasonal requirements while still enjoying the vacations.

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash