Learn the art to eat smart!!

Start a fresh 2016 – Make your weight loss a successful resolution

“Losing weight’’ is at the top of the list of resolutions of many people every year. But how many of them really succeed to achieve it? You start convincing yourself that losing weight should not be your top priority right now and you focus on other things! Was it really not a top priority? Or you just gave up? Maybe you were too hard on yourselves.  Let’s try something different! This year, aim on ‘eating smart’ for making weight loss achievable and sustainable rather than some fad diets where the effects are too short lived.

I have to loose atleast 10/20/30 kgs this year to look better

Because of the very large goal for weight loss you may fail & this will discourage you.
Set smaller more achievable targets like 3-5 kgs a month and celebrate for every milestone achieved.

* Following FAD diet.

Read about cabbage soup diet on internet and sounds interesting? Don’t go for it at all!! Skipping on some food that you always enjoy eating will not help to sustain a diet regime. Instead of omitting a particular food, try to follow moderation

*Dinning out often on empty stomach.

Dining out in India mostly equals to eating rich heavy food. And eating this on empty stomach can lead to increase in your weight.  Always start a dinner or lunch by having salads or soups.

*Follow less calorie diet for weight loss.
Severely restricting calorie intake will definitely have weight loss, but you will gain it back as soon as you start eating normally again.

*Only having protein shake or lots of proteins for weight loss.

Surely this will help in weight loss but will increase load on your kidneys which will effect very badly in the future.
You should always have combo of proteins group & cereals group for better absorption of all nutrients & for weight loss.

*Now I am turning pure-vegetarian.

Instead of cutting non-veg food from diet, cut extra calorie intake from your diet.
Losing weight requires burning more calories than you consume, but eliminating meat from your diet won’t necessarily. Plus meat gives you excellent proteins which are helpful for weight loss.


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