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Breakfast or workout smoothie lactose free vit e rich and nutrition on the go


People work very hard in their gym sessions to achieve their health goals. They often eat something very nutritious before the workout and loosen up on eating after the workout.  But consuming the right nutrients after  you exercise is just as important as what you eat before.

Here we are come up with an interesting recipe known as After Breakfast or Workout Smoothie.This Smoothie contains almond milk. so the persons having lactose intolerance can also have this smoothie. Almond is nutritious.It is dairy-free. Enriched almond milk may strengthen your bones.Spinach is high in fibers which is good for gut health. Banana contains calcium which also helps to build our muscle mass. You can have any seasonal fruit into account. & Also honey or dates are natural sweeteners so they are also good for your health. So enjoy this power pact full of nutrients rich  smoothie after your workout or breakfast or you can have it on while travelling also.



Almond milk- 250 ml (approx. 20g of almonds)

Banana – 1 no.

Dried blueberries- 1 tbsp (you can use any other fruit of your choice)

Spinach leaves- 4-5 nos.

Chia seeds/pumpkin seeds/almonds- 1 tsp soaked

Honey/dates- 1 tsp/2-3 no.s

Procedure –

Blend everything together

235 kcal7g30g5g

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