Learn the art to eat smart!!

My Journey as an Author

I’m excited to share with you my passion for food and nutrition! I truly believe that simple, homemade meals made with local ingredients are the best way to nourish our bodies and souls. When I cook from scratch, I take the time to put love into every dish, and the result is always more flavorful and satisfying.

As someone who loves to experiment with ingredients and flavors, I’ve made mindful eating a lifestyle choice. I love to innovate, and I often find new ways to use the same ingredients in different combinations to create delicious and healthy recipes. In fact, I’ve compiled all of my favorite recipes into a cookbook that I’m thrilled to share with you!

It’s called “The Fun Cookbook: Learn the Art to Eat Smart”, and it’s been my dream project for years. This book is a true labor of love, and it took me almost five years to compile all of the different categories, from base recipes and juices to breakfasts, salads, grilled dishes, chutneys, dips, spreads, and of course, desserts. Each recipe has a special highlight, a classified recipe for special diets, and nutrition facts, so you can make informed choices about what you eat.

As a nutritionist, I firmly believe that good nutrition is a lifestyle change, not a fad diet. That’s why I designed this cookbook to be fun, easy, and accessible for everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions or preferences. And as a foodie myself, I can promise you that these recipes are anything but boring! I would never want anyone to feel like they’re missing out on the joys of food and cooking.

I’m proud to say that “The Fun Cookbook: Learn the Art to Eat Smart” was recently launched at an event held in one of my favorite locations in Mumbai, Link Road Khar West. It was a dream come true to see my book unveiled by the iconic singer Sharon Prabhakar! And just like that, my dream project became a reality.

I hope that my cookbook will inspire you to make healthy, delicious meals at home and discover the joys of mindful eating. Each recipe is designed to nourish your body and your soul, and I’ve poured my heart and soul into every page. Happy cooking!


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