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Enjoy the Summer Workouts Carefree

We are right in the midst of summers and I am sure doing regular outdooer workouts is getting a bit tiresome due to the scorching heat.

Here are some tips so enjoy summer workouts without expiriencing the fallouts like tiredness, leg cramps and fatigue.

Choose the right outfit for the season :

Rather than wearing tight and dark-colored gym wear that absorbs heat and causes uncomfort, you can put on light-colored as well as light and loose trousers to make space for the circulation of air because that’s what you need for working out in summers. You could start workouts early in the mornings or then in the evening to avoid the scroching heat.

How to avoid cramps in the summers during the workout :

During exercising, salts and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium are lost due to sweating, eventually causing dehydration.

Dehydration can be evaluated by checking the urine color – if it’s dark yellow, then you need to supply the body with enough fluids. Dehydration may cause cramps or muscle spasms due to low blood volume and eventually decreased blood flow.

Muscle cramps may be caused by a lack of minerals and electrolytes, so make it a point to drink or eat electrolyte-rich foods immediately.

Hypertonic drinks rich in carbohydrates and salts prove to be an energy booster and can be consumed post-workout to bring back the lost energy. In turn, don’t miss out on the isotonic drinks analogous to the body fluid composition that is known to rehydrate your body during the workout session. Be sure that the eletrolyte drink is not too concentrated, as it may lead to nausea and omitting.

What is the best diet during summers when you workout :

With doing workouts, the diet during and after exercising plays a vital role in the success of the desired fitness goals. Body cooling foods such as coconut water, fruit juices, or even fruits and vegetables rich in electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins ease your fatigue to a sufficient level. Doing intensity workouts demand a sufficient intake of energy loaded with carbs, proteins, and fibers too.

Mix  1 tbsp soaked sabja in a smoothie or even plain water can help to keep the body cool . You can even consume 1 tsp gulkand, a natural coolant to let go of the excess heat in your body. Sattu Atta(made with dry roasted Bengal gram flour ) is rich in vitamins, minerals, and energy and also acts as a coolant. If combined with water, you can consume it as a sharbat before or during a workout to reap its maximum benefits.

Your daily diet must be filled with vitamin-rich vegetables like carrots, beetroot, and cucumber and fruits like melons, oranges, and watermelon that provide the right amount of fiber. Ice apples , coconut water and Neera are some foods which can be relished in the summers. Sprouts or vegetable salads become a refreshing choice if you are looking for a fulfilling after-workout snack.

Make sure that the meals are light and not too spicy and keep the dinners the lightest meal if you workout in the mronings.

Enjoy the season and do not shy away from your regular workouts by following these tips.


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