Online consultation Avanti Deshpande introduces 'Online Consultation and review for your Weight loss/gain program' - EatSmart! Through this online program you have the option of having your current diet program corrected by experts to help you achieve your goals, or of getting a whole new diet tailor-made as per your specification. Having worked with athletes, mountaineers, models, working professionals, students, etc. and helped them achieve remarkable results, Avanti now offers you the opportunity of obtaining her services from the comfort of your mobile phone or computer! This program is open for all residents in India. Avanti has assisted over 3,000 citizens in Pune.

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Avanti's 'EatSmart' program is simple and easy to implement. You can begin right away by seeking an online appointment.

Benefits of Avanti's 'EatSmart' online Diet & Nutrition Program

The Diet & Nutrition program for your health & wellness includes:

A scientifically formulated and customised weight loss/gain/control program. Time based (10-12 weeks of) easy, delicious nutritious meal plans. Delicious, healthy recipes and meal ideas. A comprehensive weight loss guide personalised for your diet type. Simple and practical exercise plans you can do at home. Less health related absenteeism. EatSmart : Reminders and tracking to keep you on track to achieve your goal.

Assess yourself page includes health calculators for BMI and BMR. They are provided merely as a basic tool and the indicative values are not a substitute for any medical data, advice or tests.


My experience of counseling with dietician Avanti Deshpande was superb. Actually my husband Vilas Bhandarkar was her patient. He is a diabetic and overweight. But with the help of Avantis' diet plan for three continuous months he could reduce 6kgs and subsequently it helped to maintain his blood sugar levels. Now he is doing fine and obviously he is happy with his changed food habits and life style. One more thing about Avanti is she is very sincere and she has deep concern with her patients. She is very regular in communication also. Her soft and humble nature also help build positive attitude of her patients.
Thanx to Avanti.
- Radhika Bhandarkar

Avanti helped us completely to set up and operate our nutrition bar at ABS Nucleus Mall, she made sure that the menu had the right food items, the best part of the experience was that she was personally involved in designing the menu, and the food content. She has a good PR skills, and was in constant touch with our members. Overall the experience to work with Avanti, was very good.
- Abhimanyu Sable
Founder Abs clubs.

Avanti Deshpande, with her knowledge and expertise , has helped put my health and life back on track. She is extremely involved and takes a lot of personal interest in the well-being of her patient. Also, she makes it a point to keep in touch and diligently follows up on how her patient is doing. I couldn't have asked for a better nutritionist. I am sure anybody who comes to her will definitely benefit.
Wishing her all the very best.
- Sanjeevani Vishwasrao

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