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Avanti's Nutrition Services for Sports & Pageant participants.

Every sport has its own specific demands on the physique and psyche of the sports enthusiast. Whether you are playing recreational sport, simply exercising to stay healthy, or training as a professional athlete, you want to perform at your best. By eating the right amount of the right foods at the right time, you will have the energy you need to move faster, higher or for longer. Getting your nutrition right will also help your body recover faster, ready for next time. Avanti is passionate about helping you achieve and maintain your own personal sporting goals while providing sensible nutrition advice so that long term sporting lifestyle needs & changes are achieved and enjoyed. Avanti works closely with the Sports coach/trainer to ensure that the personalised diet & nutrition plan is implemented for obvious results. Some of Avanti’s areas of focus in sports nutrition include: recovery, hydration, race nutrition strategy, sports supplements, weight loss/gain, muscle strength gain, vegetarian eating, menu planning and travel nutrition.

Avanti Offers:

Avanti can help you to maximise your sports performance, whatever level of sport they participate in. For individuals as well as teams.

  • General health and immunity
  • Maximising energy levels
  • Concentration
  • Support growth and body composition
  • Hydration goals
  • Recovery

Avanti helped us completely to set up and operate our nutrition bar at ABS Nucleus Mall, she made sure that the menu had the right food items, the best part of the experience was that she was personally involved in designing the menu, and the food content. She has a good PR skills, and was in constant touch with our members. Overall the experience to work with Avanti, was very good.
– Abhimanyu Sable
Founder ABS club.

I met Avanti, at the beginning of my Campus princess Femina Miss Diva 2015 journey. Got my entire routine set under her guidance, including my workouts. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She can transform anyone’s life and can make them healthy and fit for life time. Her guidelines helped me to achieve my goals within 2 months as I was awarded Best body and Miss Body Beautiful 2015 in Mr and Miss Citadel Pune 2015 . Bonus was that I got bikini fit body.
Yes! Diet plays a very important part in our fitness and one should always consult a qualified dietitian like Avanti, as they have the best knowledge about food habits in one’s life.
– Varsha Rajkhowa
Miss Citadel Pune – 2015

Dietary Assessment & Analysis

  • Ensuring overall basic framework diet is met
  • Nutrient adequacies ie. Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Fibre, Fluid
  • Micronutrient levels: Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Vit C etc.
  • Pre and post-training eating patterns
  • Timing of protien/ carbohydrate intake during training stage
  • Food variety choices, Maximising vegetarian eating
  • Manage sporting needs based on medical issues

Hydration & Meal Planning

  • Outlining eating pattern
  • Recipe ideas
  • Dietary periodisation
  • Preparation, such as Carb loading and hydration
  • Single day vs. Multi-day events
  • Eating while on competition tour eg. Natl, Internatl
  • Daily fluid needs for body size
  • Training hydration strategies
  • Fluid types & effects: water, milk, coffee/tea, energy drinks, juices
  • Fluid balance assessment

Body Composition & Weight Mgmt

  • Determining healthy weight range
  • Psychology of eating
  • Strategies for skinfold reduction
  • BMI, BMR, Waist Hip ratio WHR
  • Body Composition : Skinfold testing, Girth & weight
  • Nutrition planning to meet requirements and complement weights training program
  • Supplementats ie. To take or not to take, what is rubbish, what is not, weighing up between benefits vs. possible detriment to performance or law.

For Sports teams & Contingents

  • Group Education sessions
  • Nutrition & trends Presentations
  • Supplements organisation & provision
  • Recovery Strategies and Quickfix
  • Cooking for self – demonstration
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