Avantii Deshpande : Dietician & Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Author & Speaker

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Avanti's Workshops & Seminars.

We have more food choices today than any generation before us, thanks to the supermarkets, gourmet stores and fast food restaurants. Combine that variety with today's busy lifestyles and too often good nutrition takes a back seat to convenience. It is important to learn the impact of such lifestyle on our health and daily living.

Avanti educates society groups and provides strategies that will help the family sort through all the choices and make healthy eating as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of myths about health and nutrition related topics. These can be clarified by an open Q&A or discussion at the seminars/cooking workshops. Avanti holds these workshops at Housing Societies, Corporate /NGO health campaigns, Hospitals, educational institutions even at select Retail outlets.

Avanti’s “Eat Smart” Workshops are informative and delivered in an interactive style.

The Workshop

Avanti’s workshops are customised to the needs of the audience and the time duration. However, all of Avanti’s nutrition workshops are powerful, yet remarkably simple. During the workshop

  • Ask questions and learn from Avanti about food myths and facts
  • Watch how healthy food can be easily prepared in minimal time
  • Sample a range of healthy meal and snack options
  • Receive take home information sheets and recipes

Seminar Topics

Avanti has a variety of programs as customised for the group/organisation she addresss. The content is customised to meet the issues of the audience. The topics are listed but not limited.

  • Smart Living, Smart Eating
  • Eating for Energy and good sleep
    Sustaining through a busy day- The Smart Way
  • Boosting your immunity – the food way.

Cooking "Live"

Kitchen Live is a special program by Avanti. She creates the program for a specific audience and helps people ‘cook & eat’ the smart way. Simple changes in recipe makes the food yummy as well as healthy.

  • Healthy Snacks
  • Soups and Salads – the essentials
  • Tiffin – Ideas for healthy kids
  • Quickies and more for bachelors.

Want to feel more healthy, energetic, focussed and happy?