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Avantii Deshpande : Dietician & Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Author & Speaker

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Avanti's Corporate Services

Good health is important for a productive and efficient work place and proper diet & nutrition is an essential part of good health and general wellness.

In recent years, there has been a spurt in typical food & lifestyle based ailments. Diabetes, heart-related sickness, obesity, cholesterol, stress, all these and more, combined with longer working/commuting times has lead to lesser time for physical activity of any kind. This is typical health and fitness issue with majority of the corporate staff and this is getting chronic with every passing month. It is therefore increasingly important for businesses to invest in optimising the health and health-related behaviours of its employees to minimise the impact of these issues on their business.

Avanti’s expertise for corporate group guidance emerges from the individual meetings with employees from varied walks of life and also her qualification as nutrigenomic councellor. Her learnings and experience motivates her in advising corporate workplaces to increase productivity via healthy eating habits for every employee. Avanti’s guided program will help the employees to feel more energised and able to focus on the task in hand, be in a better mood, with higher self-esteem and be less stressed.
Needless to say, It is imperative to empower employees to take control of their health by providing the knowledge, skills and means they need to live the healthiest lives possible. Furthermore, in a competitive job market, the implementation of health & wellness initiatives can help organisations to position themselves as an employer of choice.

Avanti works as a team with every department of the company to promote a strong corporate health & wellness program which in turn promotes employee engagement, that in turn has positive effects on their performance at work.

Benefits to Corporate houses:

A number of benefits are associated with improving workplace wellness, including:

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Healthier & Enthusiastic Workplace
  • Improved staff morale and health quotient
  • Reduced Health Risks and Medical Costs
  • Less Health related Absenteeism
  • Better Brand Corporate Image
  • Attract and retain better talent
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Avanti's Corporate program:

Avanti works with the HR team to create a work environment that is optimised on heath & wellness. The programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition consulting for employees (1to1 or group counseling)
  • Recipe and menu development (for in-house kitchen/canteen/tiffin services)
  • Corporate talks (serious and entertaining wellness and health guidance to staff)
  • Corporate consulting (Health and Wellness policy planning and evaluation)
  • Customized seminars and workshops (for location based dietary needs)
  • Health education and wellness consulting (for employees and family)
  • Health communications consulting (for corporate display-board/blog/in-house magazine)

Annual-Basis Consultation

Avanti works with the HR team on an Annual Basis to create all round Health & Wellness Policy document, monitor it on a regular basis, provide interventions and programs as needed. Avanti's team implements special monitoring for key corporate personnel. A quarterly MIS of corporate HR health & wellness is created which gives a Wellness Quotient of the company for the Board to evaluate the ROI.

Employee Wellness Package

Avanti has created a Employ Wellness Package as a package deal for employees of Small & Medium Companies (SM/B/E), in which, after the mandatory knowledge seminar, Employees can subscribe to Nutrition, Health & Wellness program as customised for each participant. A monitoring schedule is built-in to ensure the participant meets the goals of the program

Corporate Health & Wellbeing Program

Avanti conducts 2-3 hrs seminars /workshops to spread the message of "Smart-Eat, Smart -Work, Smart -Live". This workshop is a part of Employee/ Zonal/ Associates conference or other suitable days to educate personnel and /or their family about the importance of proper diet and an aggregated nutrition value for a happier living. Avanti partners with leading healthcare professionals to have annual health and wellness checkups too.

Regular Motivation & Followup

Avanti and her team, implement a regular motivation, reminder and follow-up program - via socialmedia, calls, messages and every possible communication media. Anecdotes, Positve messages, shareables, all adding to your wellness. In keeping with her mantra "DONT QUIT", every employee is reminder of the subconscious promise to keep self - healthy. After all health is wealth!

Your employees are your biggest asset
– so make sure they’re in the best health possible!

Healthier employees means happy, more productive employees which means a healthy annual report, more profitable business! Get an ROI to Corporate Employee health investment.