Avantii Deshpande : Dietician & Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Author & Speaker

Celebrating Womens' Day with Women's-workforce at IDEA Cellular.

Idea Cellular is part of the Aditya Birla Group, India's first truly multinational corporation. Global in vision, rooted in Indian values, the Group is driven by a performance ethic pegged on value creation for its multiple stakeholders. The Group has been adjudged 'The Best Employer in India and among the Top 20 in Asia.

Idea Cellular celebrates Women’s Day (in March) for their female employees in a week long celebratory activities. Programs/activities are created to showcase, highlight, educate, encourage women at all levels of the workforce. IDEA invited Avanti to talk and share her knowledge with the fellow women on “Smart Eating at work place”. Avanti explained that there are just 3 reasons (or excuses) for lack of nutrition /proper diet in any human. viz:
  • Lack of time, busy lives
  • Lack of money, family budget constraints
  • Lack of culinary skill & inspiration

During the opening session all the ladies were given a very interesting quiz where Avanti helped them analyse their food habits and their normal days' diet. During the first session Avanti emphasised that eating is not a simple 'chore' but a neccessary skill for healthy life and living. She presented "Smart eating" habits that can be easily adapted by the women at the workplace so that they can easily follow the right path of "eating for health" and thus maintain their good health and weight. After the presentation session, the thinking buds of the women explored mindset and attitude to cooking and shared their personal daily experiences and pronounced certain myths and claims.

  • Is hot water always necessary for weight loss?
  • Is brown bread healthier over white bread?
  • Are digestive biscuits better than normal ones?
  • Does it make sense to eat dinner/supper before 7 pm everyday

All the participants were surprised/shocked to know certain eye-opening facts about food and diets. In the interactive session, Avanti patiently explained the rationale and reasons, busted the myths and fads, and urged them to be practical and realistic in creating their daily nutrition plans for self and their family. In the following year, IDEA again invited Avanti to discuss the Womens' week celebration' and in sync with IDEA's theme of Innovation, Avanti expressed an innovative idea of having a "live demo" for healthy cooking.

Chef Girija Naik, joined hands with Avanti in creating a meaningful spread of dishes that not just looked gorgeous, smelled yummy and tasted delcious but also balanced diet, added nutrition and provided the right dose of energy. As Chef Girija demonstrated, Avanti evaluated the nutritional benefits of the dishes and the audience nodded their heads in sync too. The recipes included pesto quesadillas, egg muffins, chick peas and soy tikkis, yogurt fruit parfait and roasted beetroot and feta cheese salad. The women in the IDEA workforce immensely enjoyed the session as was visible from their fingerlicked aftereffects.

Eat Right Smart Bite Workshops

Avanti periodically holds such seminars under the aegies of social groups viz. Rotary/ Lions/ Giants and other mandals/ associations. Sharing her knowledge for the larger cause of the community is in sync with the basic principles of Community living. Read about SOFOSH success story
NGOs also invite Avanti to demonstrate 'Tiffin/Lunch box menu' for school kids, discuss "Nutrition for Pregnant women", Guide "Fussy Eating by fizzy teens" control 'Diabetes Diets can be tasty too" and such topics touching special social needs. Avanti also guides you to shop for and prepare simple, clean meals the family.

Eat Smart, Work Smart, Live Smart

Healthy eating is at the focus of everything Avanti does and the advice she gives. For individuals, for workgroups, for corporates. The food choices, the overall diet quality, can positively influence health and wellbeing for all.
Corporates invite Avanti to audit the food menu for their staff, organise regular wellness check and advice on the nutrition needs of all concerned. Afterall a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Kitty party nibbles, One-Dish party, Event menu, Wedding spreads all these meal plans can make you more energised with the right balance and intake of the part-takes offerred.

Cooking in style? or Cooking for a health-living lifestyle?

Avanti can help you with a range of nutritional issues from general health and well-being, to weight loss, weight gain, chronic disease management, fussy kids and fussy senior citizens too, and much more. Don’t Quit because I am with you!