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FEV - Corporate success Case Study .

The FEV Group is an internationally recognized powertrain and vehicle engineering company that supplies the global transportation industry. FEV's South Asia Technical Center is located in Talegaon, (Pune), the heart of the Asian Automotive Industry. The FEV Project is a classic example of the success of a nutrition intervention campaign in a corporate environment.

No diet can do what healthy eating does.

The FEV HR team was alarmed the medical reports of their staff decided to approached Avanti for a solution.

In the preliminary discussion, Avanti evaluated the reports, perused the Canteen/food facilities and suggested using a intervention campaign beginning with a learning talk.

Avanti’s Intervention Campaign comprises of evaluation, discussion, demonstration & implementation.

1. Cafeteria Menu Audit & Change

The FEV employees were eating 3 meals at the workplace. This is equivalent to 50% of the meals eaten by a person in an entire day. After studying the cafeteria menu it was observed that several corrections were needed, for the program to be successful. It is important to change the food available to the employees as well. Keeping this in mind the entire menu was re-evaluated and changed. 

The fried items in the breakfast were replaced with healthier options like parathas with curds, pohe, milk etc and an introduction of sprouts done every day.

The lunch and the dinner menu consisted of high calorie foods like fried papads and sweets. Also all these variety and fruits were served in ONE meal itself. Obviously, the food was yummy, the meal was not nutritionally balanced.

Therefore changes were made by combining food groups in the right proportion. The sweets and the fried foods were totally cut out. The fruit which was served during the lunch time was shifted at 3 pm so there would be a better distribution of calories. A very interesting system was provided which included the informational placards and ‘signal’ system. The foods like salads, dal and buttermilk were labelled with ‘green’ of the traffic signal which means eat surplus, foods like roti and rice were coded ‘yellow’ meaning go ahead with caution and the fried food (if any) was labelled ‘red’ that is proceed with caution. This automatically made the employees aware of the calorie content of the different food so more healthier choices were made.

2. Group Talks : Smart Eating = Healthy living

The Cafeteria

The Smart Eating workshop/Seminar/presentation is a fullday program with 3 modules :

  • Smart Eating (a presentation)
  • Physical Exercises (a demo)
  • Tips and Tricks to “Smart Eating”

After the perusal of the medical tests of the employees, Avanti begins the program with a pep-talk about the need to ‘eat-smart’ and describes the plan of action to the entire staff. The benefits of the Nutrition program- not just for the workplace but for a healty lifestyle ahead.

Physical Exercises

After the Smart Eating presentation and discussion, the entire staff was counselled ‘1on1’ to help them understand their body needs and how each one can live well with simple changes in their food habits.

After the Smart Eating presentation and discussion, the entire staff was counselled 1on1 to help them understand their body needs and how each one can live well with simple changes in their food habits. A tour of the cafeteria helped the employees to understand the improvised menu and the ‘traffic’ signal signs that will help them understand the morsels to choose.

A simple set of physical exercises was demonstrated as a part of ‘fitness’ training. These select exercises could be done ‘anywhere’ without the need of actual gym equipment. Avanti shares the ‘DON’T QUIT’ theme as a part of daily self-belief. No more excuses so the best results are obvious.

3. 1onOne Counselling

Seminar: Smart Eating

One-on-one counseling- the body composition of each and every employee was done. This included the height weight of the employees BMI, body water, body fat, muscles, visceral fat, BMR, body age and physique rating. After this every employee’s lifestyle, eating patterns and likes & dislikes were studied via a questionnaire.
A personalised diet chart was provided after this individually considering the religion, background, availability of food.

I personally found the intervention program beneficial and am determined to follow the guidance given by Avanti. I am also impressed with the participation of the staff and the visible positive effects in their enthusiasm. Hope the periodic motivational messages reinforce our determination to keep fit and eat smart and NOT QUIT the regimen.
Dr. Paulo Haufs - Director, FEV

Follow-up and Motivation

At the end of the lecture-demonstration, all the employees were ‘united’ in a Whatsapp social group administered by Avanti herself. Almost every day, health & motivational tips are circulated in keeping with her motto ‘Don’t Quit’.

Every month the body composition was done and necessary fine tuning to the diet is recommended. The HR team of FEV & Avanti work alongside to make sure the program meets the goals of improved performance by the employees and better health.

I would like to thank Avanti for being a catalyst of positive change at FEV. All the employees are delighted with the quality of food, there is visible positive outlook among the staff. They feel healthy, We wish they follow the personal diet plans and stay healthy, not just for productive work, but also for healthier family and social living
Ms. Mary Scott - Asst Manager, HR, FEV (Pune)
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