Avantii Deshpande : Dietician & Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach, Author & Speaker

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Avanti's Business

Avanti's areas of specialty are culinary nutrition, strategic nutrition communication and project planning. She offers a range of services to the food, healthcare, media and hospitality industries.

Health & Food Industry Consultancy

Does your team need assistance designing and evaluating health promotion activities, health based food products, consumer nutrition information, or health interventions? Avanti can help your team identify consumer health needs, alter your food products to improve their health profile, design consumer nutrition information booklets, design integrated health promotion campaigns, or provide advice and assistance in the scientific evaluation of your products/promotions.

Gymnasium/Health Club/Spa/Restaurants/Sports & Fitness academy

Providing friendly and supportive diet assessment, food advice, and nutrition and behaviour change counselling. Avanti works as a team with you. Drawing on her extensive experience and knowledge, Avanti customizes your diet/nutrition plan, develops detailed menu and information, creates a special and exclusive food recipes' to support and suit your customer's lifestyle.

Hospitals, Hospices, Schools, Specially-abled people

Avanti as a dietician and nutritionist specialist has worked in areas include paediatrics particularly paediatric food allergy, growth issues, fussy eating, nutritional deficiencies and adolescent eating disorders.
As well as adult dietary services for the sick with carefully measured needs of their nutrition and prescribing food for faster recovery. Other specialist areas are of weight management, obesity treatment and eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.
Avanti visits select Schools to ensure mid-day meals, canteen, mess provide the right food for the children and other inmates and workers. The overall value is derived from the excellent productivity and performance of the school.

Weddings/Corporate Events/Tours

Avanti works with select event management companies to ensure the planned event includes nutritious and healthy food. Based on the seasonal trends and available fresh market produce, Avanti draws-up a holistic menu for all the days of the event so as to ensure high energy levels as needed and create memories to treasure.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss working together and collaborate on projects/events.

Please note that I collaborate with brands and companies who are as passionate about nutrition in food.
I do not endorse highly-processed foods or alcohol brands.