Avanti's Professional Services

Avanti's experience and expertise helps her consult individuals, family, groups, corporates, business, restaurants, NGOs and/or any person anywhere in the world who seeks help with Diet or Nutrition issues. Her heart is set on providing education and inspiration, and thereby enhancing people's health and happiness, and living harmoniously in a better world.
Visiting Avanti, does not mean you are a patient. You ought to be congratulated! Because, You are self-motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Live life to the fullest.

Avanti Offers:

Avanti can provide you with general healthy eating advice for losing weight, leading an active lifestyle, boosting your energy levels, managing a fussy eater and much more. Avanti has packaged programs for individuals, groups, corporates and business associates.

Individual one-on-one Consultations Corporate Health and Wellbeing Recipe/Menu Analysis (Business/Wedding/Events) Workshop/Event Speakership/Product promotion Digital, TV, Print Content Authorship

Individual Consultations

Personal 1onOne consultation

With so many demands in our busy lives, it is easy to find ourselves without a good diet and wondering how to maintain a healthy body weight. She holds these consultations via appointment on at the Shivaji Nagar & Karve Road Clinics in Pune. These consultations are now digital-enabled, so Skype meeting or Face-Time consultations, with prior appointments are accepted.

Whatever your age, if you are eat something - make sure it right. School kids can improve their concentration with tasty & Nutritious diets. Teenagers and growing children need improvised diet plans for overall growth. Senior Citizens Diet and nutrition schedule will help them live better and keep sickness at bay. Women have specialised needs at every stage of their life, good and proper diet with nutrition in right amounts will make them handles their chores easily. Sportspersons, Working executives, Working Women, Gym Enthusiasts, Creative persons, Specially abled persons - there IS a way to improve or maintain your health & wellness quotient.

Avanti will guide and coach you! Every day! If need be. To meet the goals of healthy living!

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Corporate Houses

Avanti & HR

Avanti can deliver a large range of engaging and dynamic nutrition presentations to inspire healthy living for your business or workplace.

Staff Education Food Service Workshop Cafeteria/Staff Recipe/Menu Analysis Weight and Productivity Reviews Efficient regular or on-call clinical services Diet Manual & Meals PolicyStaff Nutrition & Hydration AuditHealth, Nutrition and Fitness Audit Read more Contact Avanti


Avanti & Products

Avanti can consults with the restaurant, food service and food industries:

Strategic partnership or guidance on product development Co-development or guidance on recipes and menus and menu reviews Nutrition recipe analysis and preparation of nutrition information panels Recipe and Product labelling Nutrition copy writing for collateral: websites, food labels and menus Product endorsements: events, promotions, films websites Read more Contact Avanti

Seminars & Workshops

Seminars & Workshops!

Avanti provides several health and nutrition seminars, lec-dems, hands-on cooking-workshops for corporates, clubs and schools or in-house talks, NGO's and other social public or private events. All the events provide a platform for you to come and hear Avanti speak on a wide variety of Nutrition, Health and Wellness topics that will allow you to discern between good and bad nutrition and other food/health/nutrition related information that you come across in your daily life.
Whether you want a quick 1-hour "brunch and Learn" demonstration, a full day workshop, or a series of themed classes, Avanti has the know-how to deliver a fun and engaging experience for all age-groups. School kids, teeny-boppers, Mothers, Senior citizens - there is a specific program for every one.!
If you would like to explore more about how to put these ideas into practice to achieve improved health outcomes whatever your current circumstances, consider participating in our workshops. You will gain practical skills and knowledge based on current scientific evidence that work in real life for long term results.
Read more to see a few examples of recipes demonstrated during a corporate nutrition seminar.
Hope to see you at an event soon

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Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

As a sports enthusiast or a professional, be a winner. Win the medal of life too!
Avanti uses the latest in nutrition science, to optimise a sportsperson's training and athletic performance, also incorporating full body composition analysis. Diet, Food selection, hydration and such important factors are monitored for successful results.
Avanti also advices on use of sports nutrition supplement , but believes a good diet is the first requirement of performance nutrition.

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