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Avanti Deshpande introduces the 90-days 'PCOS Special Consultation, Diet, Nutrition program' - PCOS-Smart! Through the PCOS-Smart program, she will work with you on your current diet program and correct it, to decrease or eliminate PCOS Symptoms. This program is a whole new diet regimen tailor-made as per your body needs and specification.
This unique program can be used by all professionals, homemakers, college students. This is also designed to be COMPLETELY DIGITAL with Facetime/Skype consultation and followup. Everyone from any part of India can avail this program. Avanti has assisted over 4,000 citizens to resolve their health issues with appropriate nutrition, in Pune.

Preventing PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)! IS IT POSSIBLE?

Absolutely YES - says Avanti. Prevention is always possible! But, this is something we, as a society, are not currently doing so well. PCOS prevention will never truly occur until people take complete responsibility for their own bodies and actions. With the Don't Quit mantra, our team will work with you to be accountable and responsible.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a serious modern lifestyle genetic, hormone, metabolic and reproductive disorder that affects women. PCOS is a leading cause of female infertility. PCOS can lead to other serious conditions including severe anxiety, depression, obesity, Type-2 diabetes, and/or cardio-vascular disease.
To know more about PCOS, Read
PCOS Article by NCBI

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PCOS-Smart - The Process & Program


Building your customised plan.

Using your age, height, gender, daily routine and other factors, Avanti will calculate your energy 'range' (in calories) needs for a day. Parallely she will help you set short term and medium term goals that are easy to meet and manage. The nutrition and diet values will add true value to living. Simple eating habits : Don't be hungry, Eat smaller portions, Choose from a variety of foods.

Watch the Guide. The program includes 3 concurrent work phases.
Cleansing phase for the liver, intestines and the kidneys Reduce acidity with Alkaline ash diet Lifestyle change- to make diet changes sustainable

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The 3 C process

Consultation, Counseling, Conservation

Above all else, your nutritionist/dietitian is your coach. The coaching process begins during your initial consultation discussion, and is further firmed up by your discussions in the weekly calls and other reports.
Throughout the process, we will provide you with educational materials, Meal planning tips & guides, recipe database, encouragement and support, and the accountability that will help you achieve your goals!
We will continue to keep you informed so that you will be able to make better choices for meal or snack and improve food nutritive habits.

She will closely work with you on your current lifestyle and suggest changes in the diet and workout plan too to help you decrease or eliminate PCOS symptoms. Your tailormade diet changes will be made per week to give you more variety in the diet along with desired results.

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Exclusive Access

Recipes, Videos, links and more

Avanti will provide tips and tricks for quick health and nutrition issues! With connection to her blogs, and specially made PCOS videos, plus bonus insights with simple routine exercises, that will help you reach goals or ensure you do not miss goals.
If you would like to explore more about how to put these ideas into practice to achieve improved health outcomes whatever your current circumstances, consider participating in our workshops. You will gain practical skills and knowledge based on current scientific evidence that work in real life for long term results.
Read here blog or watch here youtube channel to see a few examples of recipes demonstrated during a various contacts with.
Convince yourself that this is the best option to live a safe healthy life.

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90 days and onwards

Through the program

To ensure your body is rehabilitating through the counseling and contact program, we have developed a comprehensive set of materials that will accompany you through your time with us. You will use these materials during nutrition counseling online meetings, and throughout 90 days (and later too).

The net effect of the 3 concurrent work phases: Cleansing, Acid /Alkanine balance, Lifestyle change are as follows:

Better sleep Safe fat loss and muscle gain
Glowing skin Better appetite control and less cravings
Reduced hair fall Improved metabolism and better fat burning
Improved digestion Improved appetite control, less cravings
Better mood, memory and concentration Prevention from illness and improved immunity

Avanti uses the latest in nutrition science, to optimise a nutritional and food value content. Her Diet chart, Food selection chart, hydration chart and Exercise chart such important tools help aiding your goals and assist in getting desirous results.

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F A Q s

PCOS-Smart Program

The CONSULTATION process (Facetime/SKYPE or in Clinc)

The first consultation meeting usually is about understanding you, your food habits and your lifestyle. The discussion could be about 45 mins duration.

Thorough understanding of the individuals medical history, physical profile through weight, measurements, and body composition analysis. Understanding dietary habits through questionnaire regarding daily routine, eating timings, proportions of food consumed. Determine likes, dislikes, food preferences, food choices through food frequency questionnaire. Other habits like eating out, drinking, and smoking or addictions.

The first consultation concludes with a "Draft" Plan of action. And (possibly) a set of medical tests to be taken.

What Medical reports may be needed for the consultation?

It may be necessary to have some of these additional medical reports that you can obtain from a nearest Diagnostics Laboratory in your area

Haemogram Lipid profile Thyroid T3 T4 and TSH VIT b12. URIC Acid VIT D3 Routine Urine Test Blood Sugar (Fasting & PP) Blood Calcium

Understandably, all these are NOT usually applicable to everyone. During the first consultation, you will be informed about specific reports (if any).


The PCOS-Smart program is a flexible and customised action plan for each individual. You may seek guidance or review periodically. The Action plan will consist of physical and dietary routines. Daily diet chart Daily exercise Chart Weekly Exercise Video/s Weekly Recipe book/s Daily review sheet Tips and Tricks assortment Daily diet charts, weekly nutrition analysis, Goals and milestones form essential KPI's for review. This Exercise, Nutrition & Diet plan is implemented till next meeting (follow-up). You will be sent documents/videos/tips and tricks to keep the feedback process in a continuum.

The follow-up and review

Three days after the first consultative meeting, and a detailed study of all the medical test reports, dietary inputs, food frequency and medical history, Avanti will prepare a "Personal Thumbprint" plan for you, with window for multiple choices and variety to suit your individual tastes and lifestyle.

You will be explained the salient features of the "Personal Thumbprint" plan and the benefits in respective timeframes.

The subsequent meetings will held, (either in-person or via digital connect, to review the implementation of the "Personal Thumbprint" plan and fine-tune it to meet the Goals of the program.

The Review and Milestones

Avanti's customised "PCOS-Smart Goals & Milestones" plan for you, has to be implemented to the "T". The weekly goals are set. In keeping with her "DONT QUIT" mantra for success, Avanti will send you digital/social reminders/motivations

The subsequent meetings will held, (either in-person or via digital connect, to review the implementation and fine-tune it to meet the Goals/Milestones of the program.

What is the guarantee of being satisfied?

When you see the results and look in the mirror, and/or receive appreciative glances and complimentary comments. You will be supremely satisfied. Avanti complements the "Dont Quit" attitude and makes sure you see the results you desire to see.

What does the PCOS-Smart program cost?

The PCOS-Smart Program designed by Avanti, is a turnkey program spread across 90 days, you will need to Invest Rs. Twelve Thousand only (Rs. 12,000/-) on the program. This investment covers consultation, followup, review of your participation in the program.
Payment Terms will be decided when you place the first call of intent to participate in the PCOS-Smart Program.

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Avanti's 'PCOS-Smart' program is simple and easy to implement. Remember that the online program requires your diligent implementation for the best results.
There are 4 essential steps to enrol and begin:

  • STEP 1 :
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  • STEP 2 :
    Receive a call from a nutritionist from Avanti’s team and answer a few food habit and lifestyle questions.
  • STEP 3 :
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  • STEP 4 :
    Pay the consultation fees online.
  • NEXT :
    Receive the diet plan and correspond as needed.
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    Benefits of Avanti's 'PCOS-Smart' online Diet & Nutrition Monitoring Program

    The Diet & Nutrition program for your health & wellness includes:

    A scientifically formulated and customised PCOS program. Time based (10-12 weeks of) easy, delicious nutritious meal plans. Delicious, healthy recipes and meal ideas. A comprehensive PCOS guide personalised for your body & Symptoms type. Simple and practical exercise plans you can do at home. Regular easy cook PCOS - Nutrition & Diet plan. PCOS-Smart : Reminders and tracking to keep you on track to achieve your goal.

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    Assess yourself page includes health calculators for BMI and BMR. They are provided merely as a basic tool and the indicative values are not a substitute for any medical data, advice or tests.


    Avanti Deshpande, with her knowledge and expertise, has helped put my health and life back on track. She is extremely involved and takes a lot of personal interest in the well-being of her patient. Also, she makes it a point to keep in touch and diligently follows up on how her patient is doing. I couldn't have asked for a better nutritionist. I am sure anybody who comes to her will definitely benefit.
    Wishing her all the very best.
    - Sanjeevani Vishwasrao

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